Quick bitcoin exchange at a profitable rate
By using Pay4y you can exchange Bitcoin to Euro, or vice versa on the most favourable terms and our minimalistic and easy-to-use interface makes the performance even more pleasant.
Accessible and secure bitcoin wallet
Pay4y Bitcoin wallet keeps your fund safe. You can receive payments and make transfers as fast as possible and completely secure.
Start accepting Bitcoin payments on your website
0 per transaction Payouts in BTC, LTC, ZEC, DASH
Bitcoin processing with Pay4y is a possibility to accept Bitcoin payments for your services and receive money directly into your bank account in Euro.
Instant and reliable bitcoin exchange

- Low fees

- Better exchange rate

- Operational support

Pay4y allows you easily and efficiently exchange Bitcoin to Euro, and vice versa. Being an independent European exchange ourselves, we know the value of your money so we offer the best rate you can possibly find. In case you have any troubles our support team is always ready to help.
Safe and simple bitcoin wallet

- Easy-to-use interface

- Confidence in every payment

- Instant transactions

We make sure that your money is always safe. Pay4y online wallet helps you make Bitcoin deposits, as well as buy, sell and exchange BTC without being worried about funds safety. We use three levels system of protection: SMS code, PIN code and regular password. We have also applied new generation security system that lowered risk of hacking.
Get new clients with crypto payments

- Safe and secure service

- Low commission: 0 per transaction

- BTC, LTC, ZEC, DASH, and Euro settlements

- Simple website integration

Bitcoin processing with Pay4y is a possibility to accept cryptocurrency payments for your services and be paid directly in crypto or to your bank account in Euro. You will be able to use services right after uploading the necessary information. Website integration through the use of our API does not require any significant time investment or specific knowledge and our support team will guide all the way through it.


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